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*Training *Research *Education *Activities *Therapy *Self-Care

*Training *Research *Education *Activities *Therapy *Self-Care

*Training *Research *Education *Activities *Therapy *Self-Care*Training *Research *Education *Activities *Therapy *Self-Care*Training *Research *Education *Activities *Therapy *Self-Care

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About Us

Welcome to NEHAB'S Canine & Handler Sector - Dog On It


Dog On It is the canine and handler portion of NEHAB (New England Animal Human Bond Foundation) - a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health and well-being of individuals of all ages and abilities by offering animal assisted activities (AAA) and animal assisted therapy (AAT) for social, emotion, physical, cognitive or educational goals through the use of certified pet partner teams. In addition, provide animal assisted education (AAE) to instill and administer compassion, respect, and value of animals through humane education and career pathway opportunities in elementary, secondary, and higher education facilities.  

Our Philosophy 

We believe that animals can help connect people to the world through their unconditional love and gentle presence. The animal-human bond is one that is both scientific and magical and knows no boundaries; in such it can offer an array of benefits for elders, children and individuals with medical, social, emotional, physical, or educational issues.  When you have a problem or concern a viable solution is to “put a dog on it.”   

While all dogs have the capacity to be an asset to a human’s well-being we have high training and testing standards for the handler teams to assure the safety and success of all experiences. We encourage the humans to follow their passion for helping people in the field they are drawn to, while educating new clients and participants about an animal’s value, worth, and right to life to instill compassion in all living being. 

Our Model

New England Human Animal Bond (NEHAB) Foundation is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to and follows a training, research, education, activities, therapy, and self-care (TREATS) model


From companion dogs to assistance dogs, we have various levels and programs for individuals or families to train their dog. Each IDP (Individualized Doggie Plan) is customized to the goals and needs of the dog and family. 



Any dog lover can easily tell you why they adore dogs and those that work with dogs can tell you what they see happen during canine and human encounters. We believe it is real, scientific, and a viable outlet for therapy. Our goal is to be able to document what we witness between our dogs and those they are interacting with, and collect data so that we can raise the level of credibility from cute and sweet to “therapeutic”; such that, it can be prescribed or recommended by licensed health care professional and covered by insurance companies. 


* Education 

We are strong advocates for education – whether it be learning about dogs in the classroom or bringing them in as the teacher, there are so many fun and innovative ways to teach and learn. From human education to career development to life skills. Dogs are great teachers and students. 



As our name implies, we believe the more well-trained and happy dogs out in the public and immersed with our community members, the better. Whether it be attending local events, clubs, or groups, or engaging in scheduled appointments in schools, nursing homes, or medical centers, or being responsive and able for unplanned, emergency matters, dogs bring joy, happiness, and peace and opportunity to reach and connect humans. 


* Therapy

To where activities can have a more casual and spontaneous role without a focus on treatment goals or progress, dogs can always work with professionals as “co-therapists”. Here the focus is on the improvement of human physical, mental, emotional, and social functioning. Therapy work is a formal, documented, and evaluated treatment process.  

  * Self-Care

Supporting people who are working through social, emotional, physical, or educational challenges can sometimes be taxing on both the handler and canine. The intention of this is to offer the teams modalities of positive relief and their own comfort to prevent burnout or overwhelment that can sometimes occur when we are caring, compassionate, empathetic, and open individuals; 

 a wonderful way to self-nurture and reward our own body, mind, and spirit.  

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