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Canine & Handler Education

We offer a variety of courses to meet your dog training needs, from puppy obedience through advanced owner trained animal assistance and canine-handler certificate programs.  Whether you are interested in your dog becoming a therapy dog one day, or would just like to have a well-behaved family pet, we can meet your needs.

All of the classes taught at our Training Centers/Offices in Rhode Island or Connecticut are based on Operant Conditioning principals, with the emphasis on positive reinforcement.  You can take your pup through our whole series of courses, join us with your older dog, or just try out some of our classes for fun and bonding.  Our training program is appropriate, enjoyable and effective for all handlers and dogs.

We understand that each dog and their home environment are unique, and may be at different starting points in their training journey. To assure that all dogs have the proper programs, we will offer initial and continuing canine education. Classes can be conducted in group or private setting.  We work with each dog and handler to maximize success.

Training Overview

1. Companion Animal - your best friend

This path is for those that love your dog, see them as a family member, and just want to have a well mannered dog so that they can live harmoniously with both 2 and 4 legged members.  We would offer puppy - adult basic obedience, CGC Prep, CGC testing, and brain teasers. 

2. Owner-trained Assistance Dogs Programs

       A. 1:1 support (NOT for family or general public support)

               * Emotional Support (ESA) Dogs 

               *Service Dogs  

      B. General Public (work for the well being of all involved)

                *Comfort Dogs (Spontaneous engagement - no agenda)

                 *Therapy Dogs (Co-therapist - targeted outcome) 

*** Each program is designed to meet your individualized needs - customized for your training goals. We welcome ALL students of all abilities and work with each individual student where they are and where they hope to be. We offer a safe space and honor all students.  This is a priority and promise. 

Currently Offering

 Obedience Classes/Programs 

    · AKC STAR 

            o Puppy I (STAR Program)

            o Puppy II (Advanced Puppy Manners) 

     · Family Dog/Companion 

            o Basic Obedience (Adult)

            o Kids and K9’s – Jr. Apprentice Trainer Club 

            o Canine Good Citizen (CGC)  Prep

            * Problem Solving/Targeted Training 

            o Super Dog Advanced Obedience

            * Pack walks/hikes 


     * AKC Assessment Testing Prep (includes assessment/certificate):

                 · CGC 

                 · CGCA 

                 · CGCU 


      · Certificate Programs

                  · Comfort Dog (TD Level 1)

                  · Therapy Dog (TD Level 2)

                  · Reiki 

       · Testing

                  · Behavioral/Temperament testing 

                  · AKC Assessment Testing

                  · Public Access Testing

                  · Comfort Dog/Therapy Dog Testing  

         *Day (Drop-off)  Programs

             - we train your dog for you:

                     * House training

                     * Socialization

                     *Basic Obedience

                     *Advanced Obedience 

                     *Task work 

                     *Problem solving

                     *And more